#100QuestionChallenge + Banc Sabadell

What happens when you bombard with questions a community of creatives?

Fast quizz about creativity. The #100QuestionChallenge is an initiative promoted by Banc Sabadell. In it, the members of a creative community underwent a lot of random questions. And they had to answer them immediately. Very, very fast.  

The project pretended to unveil the professional and personal peculiarities of the emerging artistic talent. Because it is through the stimulus of the brain exposed to a storm of disconnected and unexpected questions that we got the most brilliant solutions and answers. Young designers, filmmakers, illustrators, photographers, artists, actors, demonstrate with their answers that creativity is transversal, that it can be learned and that it provides a definitive social and economic value.

The protagonists of this first edition were the film director Dani de la Orden; the actor and artist Fèlix Pons; the illustrator David Méndez; the photographer, the visual artist and journalist Laia Abril; the chocolatier Miquel Coulibaly; the dance collective Handmade Dance; the designer Andrea Ayala; the illustrator Banessa Millet; the musician Cristian Saucedo; and the digital artist Edu Prats, all members of the TheCreativeNet platform.

But that does not mean that you can not be part of this project, if you would like to. Would you? Participate in the challenge through the quiz of the web and thus know which of the creative profiles you seem most. The goal is to get everyone closer to the possibility of being creative. TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO REALITY.