ArtPallette x LACOSTE

How to get inside the imaginative mind of an artist? And inside his creative process? Through his colours palette could be a good way. What does it transmit to him? Which reasons are hidden in back of his choice? Does it change year after year? Does he has any idols who he admires because of their way of using color? Art Palette is a project from TheCreativeNet + Lacoste. It pretends to discover the season colors through the work of five artists. And upside down.

For this project, an inedit site was launched. 100% inspirational. With it, we made public the season colours palettes from different artists. To know them better. Also, we created a quiz that gamified the experience and allowed people to discover their season colour.

The selected creatives responded in our blog to questions as: What do colours transmit to you? or Do your preferences of colours change? Thay talked about they references in terms of tonalities to work with. From Brancusi to Miró. Going through Jeff Koons, Henri Matisse o Dries Van Noten and Osma Harvilahti.

The creatives from the community that collaborated in this project were:

Salva López = pure documental photography author. He achieves to encompass commercial, editorial and personal projects with the same look. His = unique and singular. He especially likes working in analogical. That is why when he can’t do it, he loves to preserve organic and natural colors.

Pepi de Boissieu = food as a communication widget. As a way to generate experiences. She’s not a food stylist. She does not prepare caterings. She does not want to feed everybody neither. Her project goes further.

Gabriel Escámez = art direction and scenography for big vogue signatures. Even he says that he prefers the one that develops around cultural area. He studied Arts and also Architecture.

David Méndez = restless, enthusiastic and nervous. He is moved by his passion and obsession for everything he likes. And he cannot stop looking for, imagining and creating things. He is known for his compositions with primary colours and his simple illustrations. Direct and sympathetic ones.

Carla Cascales = simple, minimalistic and neutral graphic design. She has the strong belief that beauty can be found anywhere and it does not need to be shrill and recharged.