TheCreativeWall Barcelona + SEAT

Barcelona is a city that breathes creativity, emerging talent and collaboration through all pores. That embraces art and design. And that has become a place of pilgrimage for artists from around the world.
An innovative and perfect city to inspire, co-think and co-create.

That is why from TheCreative_Net + SEAT we wanted to promote the #BarcelonaCreativeWall. Project included in the line of the “Created in Barcelona” claim. A tribute to all those values ​​and icons of the city through a mural of 55 meters long. It came alive during the week of the Primavera Sound Festival, one of the most emblematic festivals of the city.

In a collaborative way, six artists developed a story that took place over 24 hours in Barcelona.
The sea, the sun, the gastronomy, the architecture, the design and the contrasts are not lacking in their interpretation of Barcelona. A city that exudes talent and creativity. Thus, this wall received attendees at the Forum Primavera Sound…

Mina Hamada Marina Capdevila Rubén Sánchez, Amaia Arrazola, Zosen and Cristian Blanxer told us a story linked to urban art, creativity and the city of Barcelona.