At the “Creativity &”’s, the main characters are the members of the TheCreativeNet community. Conferences where we invite them to talk about their work. The creative (or creatives) headline the talk and decide what aspects to speak about. Besides, he introduces us to his wages of emergent talent in Barcelona, who start forming part of TheCreativeNet community.

The first meeting was Creativity & Data. With the collective Domestic Data Streamers. They impart a conference structured by ten key questions around the DATA phenomenon. Also, they presented us five of their talent creative wages in Barcelona.

In Creativity & Glory, we explored the world of graphic design with Bendita Gloria. A conference about their work, the controversy of graphic design and glory. They also presented five ot their creative wages.  

We met with Marina Capdevila in Creativity & Dilemma. A great talk about ten dilemmas of working in a creative job.

On the fifth, we talked about architecture companied by Arquitectura G. Jonathan, Jordi, Igor y Aitor. They talked about their projects, their creative process and their personal vision on architecture world.

The last conference was leaded by Laia Abril. She headlined it as Creativity&Taboo. She talked to us about her most controversial photography work. Always looking for the invisible, the uncomfortable, going to place of the psyche where there is conflict and nobody wants to look at.