Exploring our net you will find a lot of pioneers. Creative minds that did it first. Artists who were visioneers. Who found a voice and made themselves their name. They broke the rules and made the change. Lacoste and its collection RenéDidItFirst + TheCreativeNet. We have presented five creatives who did it first and obtained the recognition for it.

The names were:

Júlia Solans, the first artist to convert social criticism into realistic and colorful illustrations

Gerard Estadella, the first DJ converted into a photograph. He turned the night, the people and party into a digital phenomenon.

Borja Martínez, the first artist to create an studio focused on experimental typography = Lo Siento Studio.

Chamo San, the first illustrator to heighten the pencil stroke into a true reference in art and a required trend in publicity.

María Corte, the first illustrator to include erotism in illustrations.

For last, the Lacoste’s pioneer: René Lacoste. He was the first on to build a tennis racket of iron, a machine that threw tennis balls and especially, the first to believe that a logo could complete a clothes brand.

And you? Would you be the first in something?