What is creativity? Why is it so important? Can it be enhance? Which are the techniques? Why is it the key for the evolution and transformation of every personal and professional project? Who are its maximum experts? Which are their visions? Which are the last trends of the creative method? How to apply them? All this and more in the creativity fest in Barcelona: TheCreativeFest

TheCreativeFest, an innedit festival that tributs creativity’s transversality. By the hand of the best experts of each area. Fashion, music, entrepreneurship, communication, gastronomy, education or sport mix in an heterogenous program of activities that crowded the Antigua Fábrica Damm. 1500 people, to be exact.

The prepared menu included from round tables and conferences to workshops. Also concerts by emergent singers and twenty artists and local brands stands. Among the speakers we found Ricard Robles (Sónar), Xavier Verdaguer (Imagine), Genís Roca (Roca Salvatella), Oriol Vila (Hola Luz), Isaac Marcet (Playground), Oscar Pierre (Glovo) and Alfons Cornella (Infonomía), who debated the importance of promoting creativity to all the society areas.